And Go-Time!

Bags are mostly packed. One post is up and another┬áscheduled for Anxiety Ink, and keeping with the theme of the moment, they’re about my experiences and things I’ve learned traveling as a writer.

I don’t know how often I’ll post, but Twitter may see some decent action, for once. If you haven’t followed me yet, please do: @mjkingwrite. Alternately, just check back on the blog every once in a while and take a look at the sidebar.

Anyone out there have a favorite trip to share? How about something upcoming, or someplace on your bucket list? Comment and tell me about them!

5 thoughts on “And Go-Time!

  1. Not much of a traveller. Been 2 L. A. a cpl of times, and parts of Canada. Also somewhere, where they say YeeHaa, a lot, but my memory is fuzzy about exact location.

    As for bucket list destinations, l’m not holding my breath, but Chi-Town, I’ve always wanted 2 visit, as well as N. Y. The real pie in the sky stuff…Africa, The Orient, “Paris”. That’s about it.

    • I like NYC though it’s too far away to visit as often as I want. You can tell I’m all about the pie in the sky stuff. :P

      Hope you get a chance to cross some of those places off your list!

      • Actually…since u’re doing that which u love 2 do, it’s not really “pie in the sky”, it’s more like…enjoying the desert!

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