Shake It Up!

So it was past time for a little spring summer cleaning of the blog, most of it cosmetic, but you may notice an extra widget in the sidebar. (I might be in avoidance mode, but there is no part of this national healthcare farce I am ok with. Because I can’t be ok with the message, “Just f*ck off and die.”)

That’s right, folks: I have Instagram.

I upgraded my phone in May from a Windows phone with few apps and poor connectivity in areas where I actually want the connection to a shiny new iPhone 7. Social media suddenly became easier! Before, it felt like a chore and offered one more thing to overwhelm me.

One huge bonus? I’m able to check in sporadically to social media and email without getting sucked into bunny trail distractions. This means that when I come home, I don’t feel so tied to the computer.

Go me! More time and opportunity to write! To be creatively productive!

. . . Ok, I feel your skepticism. But the opportunity is there! I just lack in follow-through. (At least I know I’m in good company?)

I created an Instagram account not knowing if I would actually use it, but it was a goal I’d set for myself at the beginning of the year. And guess what?

I use it. Probably more than Facebook and Twitter combined.

And I love my username: @writinginterrupted. It’s just so perfect, in so many ways.


When Things Don’t Go According To Plan

If you’ve been following along over on Anxiety Ink, you know I tried to do a Thing that didn’t go anywhere near the way I hoped.

I set a date and time for a writing workshop on worldbuilding. I reserved the space at the library. A few people told me they would definitely-for-sure be there.

Then with maybe 48 hours to go, the cancellations came in.

‘Disappointing’ doesn’t begin to cover it. I had been so excited to finally do this thing I’ve thought about and wanted to do for years, only to have it all collapse at the last minute.

But I’m currently in the process of shifting my life to a greater focus on all things creative. My attempts to lead workshops do not end here. This will be a Thing and it will happen.

And in the meantime, I’ll be using the excuse to get familiar with this video equipment we have and turn my workshop plans into short videos.

Do you have any writing topics you’d like to see covered? What is something you’ve always wanted creative writing classes/workshops to do or talk about?

And if you have any favorite YouTubers who talk about writing, I could use some recommendations!

My Silence Comes In Waves

When I fall into radio silence for an extended time, you know something’s going on with me. That something could be good or bad, or just many somethings all at once.

I haven’t posted here since I found out I’m pregnant.

EEEEEE!!!! OMG!!!!!!! (Finally!)

I’ve known a solid three months now. It took me ages to tell the closest friends and family. A week or so ago, I made it Facebook-official.

Speaking about it, getting excited about it, feels like I’m going to jinx everything. Nothing is guaranteed so I don’t dare take this for granted. Our families are ecstatic, but we’re slower to join the party.

Maybe once I actually feel the little one kicking and moving I’ll stop waiting quite so much for the other shoe to drop (though we’ll still have to contend with juggling the as-yet unmet reality of life-with-baby and how that will change absolutely everything).

This whole not-taking-it-for-granted thing seems fairly uncommon, just based on what I see from friends and family. Maybe I have an oddly skewed sample population, or maybe it’s one of those things no one ever talks about.

Because not talking about things makes everything better, right?

Related note: when will we get a sarcasm font?

But if a worst case scenario happens, I don’t want it to catch me completely by surprise. The lack of surprise wouldn’t make it hurt any less, but it would help my ability to cope.

And this post has now taken a turn for the depressing when it was supposed to be happy. I am happy! We are. More than happy. My point is that this latest round of blog-silence came from many places, for many reasons.

Here’s hoping the next wave comes from negotiating life with a screaming newborn!

New Year 2017

Goodbye, 2016. I will not miss you.

Last year (I do not have words to say how thrilled I am that 2016 is officially past) was so bad, it was all I saw, much of the time. The negative things. The death toll. The election. Stress. My own mental shutdown.

But it had its bright moments.

Although I only acted in one show this year and it burned me out badly (despite having just a couple minor roles), it taught me the importance of picking shows I’m passionate about. Shows that click with me in a way I can’t explain, even if I’ve only seen the audition sides.

Tigers be Still, the show I stage managed, was one. What little I knew about the show going into auditions didn’t excite me much, but the pieces we read just clicked. So when I didn’t get cast, I kept my fingers crossed that I could still find a way to be involved in the production. And I did.

Stage managing brought out many of the very best parts of me. I loved it. I kicked ass. I would totally do it again (with a show I’m passionate about).

We visited my grandmother-in-law in Florida. It was an excellent visit. She passed away a few months later, and I’m so thankful we made it down when we did.

Since about September, I’ve been extra (for me) extroverted. I get so much energy from being around people. Though not all people, so maybe I’ve just been better about who I spend time with.

I’ve written. Not as much or as good as I would have like, but I did write. As of last night, I submitted more stories than I did in 2015. (Not difficult, considering I only sent one in 2015, but an important and huge improvement all the same.)

Best of all? 2016 is over. Done. A new year, a new slate.

Dear 2017, you have one goal: be better than last year. The bar is low. Don’t disappoint me.

What Is This Year?

I like to assign themes to things like years. And this year has so far shaped up to be my Year of Being Introverted. With so much going on, I’ve been largely in shut down mode.

But now things seem to be turning around. A writer-friend came up for a long weekend of awesome, which kicked my ass into gear on so many things. I managed a beautiful amount of editing, even with everything we did. This past week, I took vacation time, ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, and went to a gorgeous wedding at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec for two of my husband’s university friends. Another writer-friend and I are finally getting back in the swing of quasi-regular Writing Bitch Sessions. I have three anthologies I want to submit short stories to by the end of this year (and dear lord, it has been a stupidly long time since I submitted anything).

In addition, I’m attempting the tech side of theatre and am stage managing (for the first time) a production of Tigers Be Still. I’ve always been firmly an actor, even in high school when a fair number of my friends were techies. I married a techie, and we adore Q2Q comics. It’s been frustrating/hilarious to see the stereotypes play out and become truth. All before the first production meeting!

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, please go check out the comic. It’s amazing.

So the rest of this year looks like a crazy wild ride in all the best ways. Wish me luck! (Especially when my husband and I have overlapping production weeks.)

Don’t worry – I’ll be updating again before the end of the year. Promise!

A Reason For Silence

I take a long, long time to work out the things that upset me. And 2016 has been one hell of a year for upsetting things. It’s taken me weeks to figure out this blog-silence.

It wasn’t the traveling – which was great, if exhausting – or the fact I had a couple roles in a show with a murderous commute, or even my dad’s birthday. (One of these years, I’ll actually remember that I tend to shut down in May.)

One of my aunts passed away suddenly a couple months ago. She was one of my favorite aunts. To little-me, she seemed so confident and self-aware. She didn’t let herself get pulled into the mini-dramas and countless squabbles that are part and parcel of siblings. And there were twelve siblings.

We connected on Facebook a few years ago, and she quickly found me here. She liked to leave comments. Often encouraging, cheerleader comments.

We weren’t as close as either of us would have like, but that was a small part of herself that she gave me. And I guess I haven’t wanted to really face the fact that they’ve stopped. That there won’t be any more.


I did it. Finally. Still not entirely convinced it’s a good thing, but I am now on Twitter. You may have noticed the handy extra widget in the sidebar.

Like my focus needed any more distractions.

And in related news, I have now entered the 21st century. I have a magic phone. (That’s a smartphone, to most of you.) A Nokia Lumia 928, to be exact. It was a birthday present from The Husband.

I’m in love with it and a little scared of it, all at once. It makes me so … so connected.