Shake It Up!

So it was past time for a little spring summer cleaning of the blog, most of it cosmetic, but you may notice an extra widget in the sidebar. (I might be in avoidance mode, but there is no part of this national healthcare farce I am ok with. Because I can’t be ok with the message, “Just f*ck off and die.”)

That’s right, folks: I have Instagram.

I upgraded my phone in May from a Windows phone with few apps and poor connectivity in areas where I actually want the connection to a shiny new iPhone 7. Social media suddenly became easier! Before, it felt like a chore and offered one more thing to overwhelm me.

One huge bonus? I’m able to check in sporadically to social media and email without getting sucked into bunny trail distractions. This means that when I come home, I don’t feel so tied to the computer.

Go me! More time and opportunity to write! To be creatively productive!

. . . Ok, I feel your skepticism. But the opportunity is there! I just lack in follow-through. (At least I know I’m in good company?)

I created an Instagram account not knowing if I would actually use it, but it was a goal I’d set for myself at the beginning of the year. And guess what?

I use it. Probably more than Facebook and Twitter combined.

And I love my username: @writinginterrupted. It’s just so perfect, in so many ways.


Update (The Highlights)

Life since my last update:

  • My youngest sister had her baby!
  • She then got married
  • Which happened just a few days after my uncle’s funeral
  • And while I was besieged by The Plague, requiring that I communicate via whiteboard.
  • I have not been writing much (which has a lot to do with the lack of blogging)
  • But I took a Zentangle class at the library, so I’ve had something creative to do while my words are on holiday.
  • I taught a scriptwriting class at the local regional high school drama festival
  • Then chaperoned the trip to the state drama festival.
  • I’m taking an awesome Diversity and Narrative writing workshop with Mary Robinette Kowal and K Tempest Bradford (so my words are starting to come back!)
  • And now I’m freaking out because I’m visiting NYC in a couple weeks and didn’t plan out the logistics months ago. I’m a control freak like that.

How have you been?

Sordid Truth

My days-I-have-not-written now number two.

Sunday night, I found out a series I’d been wanting to read had all the ebooks on sale. So I bought them.  Six books. Read them in three days. You know, with sleeping, eating, and working. Maybe I only got four hours of sleep last night, but I finished! Now I’m back.

Who needs drugs when you have books?